Nomadic people of Mongolia transporting Gers by camel.  These very same genuine Mongolian gers/yurts are now for sale in Australia.

We are an Aussie company called Artisan Yurts we import genuine Mongolian gers/yurts into Australia.  We are proud of our yurts and hope you like them too. Contact Sharon Jarrott on 0357297579  Mobile view of this site doesn't display much info. Desktop view shows more information.

Glass dome to see the stars through.

The beautifully ornamental dome lets light and air in if you remove a glass panel.  All roof poles leading up to the dome are handpainted and very decorative.  The circular shape of the yurt makes it very ergodynamically sound.  If door is shut and everything secured and pegged  down the yurt will withstand the most severe weather conditions.  In Mongolia  the weather conditons can get well below freezing yet the people that live in the yurts are warm and cosy inside their felt lined yurts and are the envy of their chilly apartment dwelling neighbours. The yurt that I rent out as a Bnb (see The yurt Alpine Retreat) has survived cyclonic conditions on top of a mountain for four years now.  We are hoping to offer our customers some beautiful carved yurts soon.  Don't forget to have a look at the carved yurt section on this site.

Yurts for sale Australia

You can also see our yurts on which is our bnb website or our Facebook page Artisan Yurts where you can also send us a message.  We also have a Facebook page for The Yurt Alpine Retreat. Our yurts are all 6m diam. Price $10,000 for end of stock clearance.

We currently have no yurts in stock.



Double doors are beautifully handpainted and made of wood not cheap bamboo and aluminium non genuine ripoffs. The Mongolians know what they are doing they have been making them since the 12th Century.  Inside doors have see through glass panels to let in light and keep out the elements.  There are four covers, there is an inside white cotton liner visible from inside the yurt, a 5cm thick lambswool felt liner which keeps the yurt warm in winter and cool in summer. On top of that there is a thick green canvas waterproof cover and ontop of that is the decorative outer good quality canvas cover.  Yurts have stood the test of time, Mongolians have been living in them for hundreds of years and perfected the design to meet their harsh living conditions.


Yurt Interior

The yurt has expandable wooden trellising for the walls which are tied together with horsehair ropes.  After the site has been levelled the floor can be just wooden packing crates with wooden flooring on top.  A cement floor can also be used. In hot weather sides can be rolled up to let air in, but if you keep the cap over the glass dome the yurt will stay reasonably cool due to the lambswool felt underlay.  The inside is kept warm in winter by the small cast iron wood stove with a flu going out through the roof, which can also be used for cooking.  All yurts are 6m diam. and have five wall panels which are tied together, they have double doors, one with glass panels to see through.

If you are looking at a mobile and not getting much info, view the site on a computer instead of a phone. Make sure you click on the action bar at the top left hand corner of the page that says "pages" to see more information if you are viewing on a mobile the action bar is top right corner with horizontal lines.  At this stage we only have 6m diam. yurts in stock.

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